Pack of 5 Ultra Magical Organic Henna

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Ultra Magical Organic Henna is 100% Pure, Natural & Chemical free. It is handmade with all natural ingredients including Triple Sifted Sojat Rajasthani henna powder, sugar, essential oils etc.

Ultra-fine Tip Size: 0.38mm
Weight: 25-30gram
Length: 8-9 inches

1,550.001,750.00 (-11%)

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Frequently Ask Questions!

1. Is your Ultra Magical Organic Henna safe to use?

Yes, it is 100% Safe, Pure &, Chemical-free.

2. How to make a patch test?

Place a small amount of Organic Henna Paste on your palm and leave it for 10 minutes. The mark achieved should be bright orange.

3. When to apply Organic Henna Cone?

You should apply Organic Henna Cone 48 hours prior to your event. Because, it’s a magical process and takes hours in stain development.

4. Can I apply henna after applying oil/lotion?

No, please don’t! As the Oil/lotion does not allow the henna to bind to the skin. So, wash & dry off your hands and feet thoroughly before applying henna.

5. Why use Aftercare Sealant Spray on the dried henna?

Aftercare Sealant Spray helps to avoid flaking of dried henna and also improves stain results. Moreover, it will stick on longer without crumbling away.

7. How to dry your henna after applying sealant?

Here are the two methods of steaming to dry your henna paste.

Put few cloves and water in a pan to darken the henna stain. Take steam for around 40 seconds, pause, and then again steam for 40 seconds; don’t overdo it for more than 5 minutes.


Simply roast a few cloves on a frying pan/flat pan and run your hands over the clove smoke.

8. How to keep your skin warm while the paste is on?

During winters, cover your henna design with paper tissue and seal it with packing tape.

9. How long should the paste be kept on the skin?

Keep your henna paste on skin as long as possible, preferably overnight or 8-10 hours for best result.

10. Can I wash henna with water?

Nope, please avoid washing your henna with water as it prevents henna stain from getting/turning dark. Instead, apply Aftercare Oil & gently scrap off your henna paste with fingernails/credit card to remove stickiness.

11. Can I use water after paste removal?

No, don’t! Avoid direct water contact to the fresh stain until 3-4 hours after paste removal. As, oxidation process takes place especially in the first 24 hours post-removal. So, avoid water contact as much as possible to let the stain be matured fully.

12. Why should I use Aftercare Henna Oil?

Henna Aftercare Oil helps in the stain development and also creates a barrier between skin and water.

13. How much time does Organic Henna takes to get darker?

Fresh Henna Stain will be orange and then it will transform into a mature dark maroon over 24-36 hours.

14. How long does henna stain last on the skin?

It stays for about 7-12 days and then starts fading.

15. Can exfoliation be done before henna application?

No, never. Avoid waxing/ manicure/pedicure before henna application. Get all these things done a day prior to henna application.

16. Does Henna stain differ from person to person?

Yes, it does. Unlike Chemical Henna Cone, Organic Henna Stain may also vary from skin to skin depending on the body temperature & body circulation. A good body circulation & warm blood guarantees dark henna stain. As, the longer the henna paste is left on the skin/ warmer or stays unwashed, the darker the stain will be.

17. How to store Rang e Hina’s Ultra Magical Organic Henna Cone?

Please make sure to freeze your Magical Organic Henna Cone right after you receive them. Only take them out half hour prior to henna application. Otherwise, cover the tip of the cones with pin or tape & put them back in the freezer after every use. Because, these are chemical free cones, so they shouldn’t be kept at room temperature.

17. How long can I use Organic Henna?

You can easily use Ultra Magical Organic Henna Cone up to 4-5 months, if stored properly.

Don’t forget to share your stain images with Rang e Hina.

If you have any other query, then feel free to WhatsApp at +92 330 3691620

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Pack of 5 Ultra Magical Organic Henna

Pack of 5 Ultra Magical Organic Henna

1,550.001,750.00 (-11%)

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