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Frequently Asked Questions

Though it all depends on the skin type but still you may use natural remedies.

It’s a humble request to avoid water as long as you can. Water will tamper with the stain of henna. Avoid washing dishes and any other sort of house chores that contain usage of excessive water for 24 hours.

No, it can’t. Avoid waxing, shaving etc. after application of henna. Get all of these things done before two days.

Yes, it does. Heat works really well with henna. So if your hands are warm, you will get better stain as compared to the one having cold hands. You would have seen that palms usually get darker stain than it gives on the back of hand. This is because palms have warm temperature. So try keeping your body warm while applying henna.

The longer the paste is kept on the skin will give the more satisfactory result as it takes time to get mature and go deeper into the layers of skin.

3 to 4 hours Application:

It will give yellow or orange color after application of 3 to 4 hours. It will start getting mature after 24 hours and will give dark brown color afterwards. (It all depends on the skin type and body temperature)

10 to 12 hours application:

It will give brown color after application of 10 to 12 hours and then will get dark with the passage of time. (It all depends on the skin type and body temperature)

No, black henna contains chemical and our normal cone isn’t the black one.

It stays for about 7 days and then starts fading.

Place a small amount of henna paste on inside of your elbow and then place bandage over that area. Leave it there for at least 24 hours without getting it wet. If irritation or rashes occur then do not use it.

Yes, our henna is 100% safe to use and is best for sensitive skin. However, we still ask our clients to make a patch test before actual application if your skin is heavily sensitive or allergic to some ingredients. In winters, apply Vaseline before application of henna.